Monday, April 7, 2014

A fourth grade teacher told me today that we have only 45 more school days left until summer vacation!  Wow!  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by this year!

We will be studying polygons this week.  Students learned about equilateral, isoceles and scalene triangles this morning.  Please ask your child what a right triangle is and what the difference is between parallel and perpendicular lines.  Students will have a math worksheet each night for homework.

Our spelling pattern this week involves words with -igh and -eigh in them.  Students will have a spelling cafe choice each night for homework this week.

Report cards went home on Friday.  Please keep the report card, but sign and return the gold envelope that it came in so I know you've seen it.  Conferences will take place over the next two weeks.  I look forward to seeing parents.

Scholastic book orders are due by next Monday, April 14th.

Thank you and have a great week!  :)

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