Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8-12

"You are as welcome as the flowers in May."
-  Charles Macklin

We were so happy to see the sun this afternoon. Students were rewarded with an extra recess for their wonderful behavior in the lunchroom at recess last week. They are working hard to accumulate the most amount of laps for our Miles in May competition.  

We finished Unit 8 in math this morning by exploring the shared attributes of prisms. We will review for the test tomorrow and the assessment will be given the following day. Students will have Home Link 8.8 for homework tonight. They will have a Review Packet for tomorrow night.  Students will have a Challenge homework assignment on Wednesday.  We may begin Unit 9 on Thursday, but I'd appreciate some flexibility regarding homework due to timing issues.  

Our spelling rule this week involves words with the /oi/ sound. Students will have a spelling assignment each night for homework. 

Students are so excited about our Immigration Unit. We have five families in our classroom currently who are immigrating from Ireland, Italy, Russia, Germany and Sweden. They will pick authentic names, occupations and background stories this week. Please ask your child about this awesome experience.

Have a fantastic week!  :)

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